New CIHR grants to support an equitable pandemic recovery

le 16 mars 2022

Researchers at The Ottawa Hospital have been awarded four grants as part of CIHR’s Emerging COVID-19 Research Gaps and Priorities competition, which was designed to support an equitable pandemic recovery for all Canadians. The grants include:

  • Incidence and risk factors of inappropriate antibiotic prescribing and related adverse health outcomes among Ontario long-term care residents and marginalized older community-dwelling adults with COVID-19 (I-CARE) - $308,904
    • Principal Investigators: MacFadden, Derek R; Daneman, Nick; Maxwell, Colleen J; Mishra, Sharmistha; Schwartz, Kevin L
    • Co-Investigators: Brooks, James I; Bowdish, Dawn M; Bronskill, Susan E; Burrows, Lori L; Langford, Bradley J; Leung, Elizabeth; Leung, Valerie; Manuel, Douglas G; McGeer, Allison J; Morris, Andrew M; Nott, Caroline; Raybardhan, Sumit; So, Miranda; Soucy, Jean-Paul
  • Redefining eligibility of Social Assistance (SA) programs for vulnerable populations of Canada: A Data-driven Approach – $497,129
    • Principal Investigators: Pakhale, Smita; Bignell, Ted; Magwood, Michael; Ambade, Preshit N; Jama, Sadia; Kitty, Darlene
    • Co-Investigators: Falavinha, Bruna Cristina
  • Using behavioural science approaches to optimize Public Health and Social Measures (PHSM) that prevent COVID-19 transmission and infection in priority populations in diverse urban settings - $305,721
    • Principal Investigators: Presseau, Justin
    • Co-Investigators: Arnason, Trevor T; Dubey, Vinita; Hayes, Anne; Loh, Lawrence; Smith, Maureen M; Brehaut, Jamie C; Brouwers, Melissa C; Crawshaw, Jacob; Fontaine, Guillaume; Graham, Ian D; Grimshaw, Jeremy M; Kothari, Anita R; Manuel, Douglas G; McCleary, Nicola; Michie, Susan; Patey, Andrea M
  • Understanding preferences for substance use health services for problematic alcohol use during the COVID-19 pandemic - $262,235
    • Principal Investigators: Thavorn, Kednapa; Corace, Kimberly M; Hutton, Brian E
    • Co-Investigators: Bartram, Mary; Garner, Gord; Porath, Amy J; Chaiyakunapruk, Nathorn; Ngorsuraches, Surachat; Nochaiwong, Surapon; Presseau, Justin; Suschinsky, Kelly D

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